30 Pieces of Silver

Most of us cringe inside when we read the story of Judas Iscariot and the 30 pieces of silver. (Matthew 26) I know for myself, I in part shun away from this story in the bible as it is just appalling how anyone who spent all that time face to face with the Son of God and could betray him as he did. When Judas hung himself, I felt an inner attitude of “He got what he deserved”

When I recently came across this story this time, I decided to face my prejudices and judgments. As much as I would like to say I live every day of my life judgment free, I constantly find myself faced with something that I did pass judgment on. Of course we live in a society where we must make decisions based on the facts we are presented, but I find myself, as in this case, not open to learning more from this story as if this story is beneath me because “I would never do that to my Lord and Savior”

Why 30 Pieces?

Reason 1

In Zechariah, 11:12–13 and in Jeremiah 32 combined with Matthew 27:9–10 talks about a fulfillment of a prophesy as it was foretold.

Reason 2

At the time, this 30 pieces was the going price for a male slave.  This struck me.as a divine fulfillment of God’s plan. Jesus was sold for the cost of a male slave but offered freedom to all. (Galatians 5:1, 2 Corinth 3:17, John 8:32-36). To ponder further, Did Judas, who was an accountant himself knew this when the Pharisees offered this amount? When this amount came up, did that exact amount and the warning from Jesus provide sufficient proof for Judas to change his path? I cannot answe3r this but this required more inner reflection.

How does this apply to me?

  1. What signs in my life has God given to me to change my path? God always show you a way if you ask him. Do we listen even if the path is not exactly what we envisioned?
  2. Do I put an earthly value on my faith? Ok, I am guilty, I have dreamed of winning the lotto and then saying to myself, God, I will share this much with you. Now that is an extreme situation tagged with humor, but what about the moments when we barter with God because we want/need something in return. God’s love and grace does not carry a value to it. What right do we really have to barter. The privilege to serve God is just that, an opportunity to show (not prove) our love to him.
  3. Do I allow my soul to think greater than what is routine? 30 pieces was the standard rate yet God’s abilities is limitless. Do I limit the Spirit’s ability to work through me to the levels that the triune God wants, or do I limit growth and spiritual maturity based on what the going rate is. What right do I have to set limits on God’s plan anyways?

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