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My very dear friends and family,

When I ponder the blessings that happened last year and the fact that with your prayers, my wife is doing so well, I am truly humbled and grateful for each and every one of you. We have lived through so many miracles, and have realized and felt God’s love in so many amazing ways. There are still many issues that we have to tend to medically, but nothing at this point is life threatening or even close to what the previous 5 years has dealt us. I can’t say it enough¦ Thank you for your love and prayers.

As Rose continues to improve, we enter into a rebuilding phase of our lives. Even though Rose health is still our highest priority and takes a significant amount of our time, we also look towards re-establishing our lives and make attempts to position ourselves to crawl out of the situation we are in. We want to take a proactive approach so that we are able to wean ourselves off of the government services that we have had to rely on for many years.

To start, we have set up an online webstore that I can manage while tending to my wife. This of course is not our long term goals but a start in re-establishing ourselves. All of the worship videos, music, and media is found in this store. This for many of you has nothing to do with you nor do you need this but we ask the following

1. Please visit http://www.AllChoralWorks.com. – Hits to this site count. Please look around and email any suggestions to me (info@allchoralworks.com) While on this site can you like it on facebook, twitter, google + , etc
2. Please “Like us” on Facebook, Twiiter, Youtube, & Google plus
3.Please email your suggestions to me

Please, Oh Please , Oh Please forgive us for this aggressive marketing campaign and our pleading with you for assistance, and we thank you for any help you can provide.


Wade and Rose